Buh-rian (afireinbabylon) wrote in m0shxc0re,

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whats up all? i'm new here.

[1] you are? My name is Brian
[2] your stomping grounds? Any hardcore show around long island... mostly the downtown.
[3] are you in a band / play an instrument? I used to sing for a hardcore band called Promicide
[4] your musical influences include? They go as early as old school slayer, pantera, and fear factory waaaay back in the early 90's... My influences these days would probably have to be Converge, Bad Luck 13, and Unearth, just to name a few
[5] your favorite type of pit is? any pit where i can kill a sucker who cant dance. its all about tough love.
[6] your website is? http://www.myspace.com/iambrian you can add me if you want.
[7] pics of yourself if you wish:

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