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Anvil: the Story of Anvil [15 Mar 2009|03:21am]

has anyone seen/heard/smelled anything about this anvil movie? just caught the trailer and it looks too good to be true. opens on april 10 so i'm gonna go see it.

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H2O in NYC on Sunday 11/23 (not sold out yet) [19 Nov 2008|09:05pm]


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[27 May 2006|03:16am]

do any of you live near lake george, new york?
im moving there this summer& need to know whats up.

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[11 Aug 2005|09:55pm]


check it out, see what you think. this was our 3rd show, so its not as tight as it should be yet, and they ARE live recordings, but whatever. just tryin to promote.

let me know whats up on AIM @ XandyworkmanX

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[17 Jun 2005|09:45pm]

[ mood | calm ]

[1] you are? Jay
[2] your stomping grounds? Lockport Ny..near Buffalo
[3] are you in a band / play an instrument? nope
[4] your musical influences include? etid, dead to the world, kid gorgeous, hatebreed , earth crisis, all out war, buried alive, terror, death threat, integrity, madball, sworn enemy etc..
[5] your favorite type of pit is? hardcore dancing

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yoooo [11 Apr 2005|09:08pm]

whats up all? i'm new here.

everybody's goin' apeshitCollapse )

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[31 Mar 2005|07:23am]


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[16 Mar 2005|12:43am]

if your a fan of coalesce or norma jean check this out
Bride Ordained's NEW songs from their upcoming release So Now Comes Salvation or add us on myspace HERE

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recently [16 Feb 2005|10:24pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

okay i havent been here in a long ass time but i figured ide leave u guys with something...in my absence chris has joined a band, chris does vox for this band and will leave u will a little sumthin sumthin

check it


leave ur comments please i need honest critiques

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[14 Feb 2005|11:21pm]


We just posted the first track off our self titled EP on these two sites. The EP has 6 songs and will be sold at shows for $5. What do you guys think?

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Non Elite Metal Community [13 Jan 2005|04:16pm]

This community is for lovers of all types of metal, metalcore, thrash, ect. Come check it out!

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[08 Jan 2005|02:40pm]


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[06 Jan 2005|09:45pm]

Hi, my name is Andy, and I play drums in a band called Ares Letum, from Southeast Michigan. We play hardcore influenced Death/Metal/stuff.

You can check our mp3s out @ http://www.purevolume.com/aresletum or http://www.myspace.com/aresletum

We are currently in the process of booking an East Coast tour, from NY to FL, and we are in need of some shows along the east coast towards the beginning of August. If you like us and would be willing to help us get some shows, or if you hate us and are willing to get us some shows just to beat us up at them, shoot us a line on AIM @ Vegas in Ashes . That is our vocalist Chad's screen name, he's bookin everything. Thanks for listening!

-Andy and Ares Letum

p.s. add us on myspace!

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Guess who's back...back again. [03 Jan 2005|05:11pm]

[ mood | drained ]

We're down till we're undergroundCollapse )

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New LJ [03 Jan 2005|06:45pm]
This is 'avaoscurita'. I am doing the New year, new journal thing. Add if you want.

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Introduction [01 Jan 2005|12:19am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

[1] you are? Ava
[2] your stomping grounds? Connecticut
[3] are you in a band / play an instrument? No/plays guitar.
[4] your musical influences include? Killswitch Engage, Unearth, Alice In Chains, [old] Metallica, Pantera, Radiohead... alot more but just to name a few.
[5] your favorite type of pit is? Circle, also likes hxc dancing
[6] your website is? drain away affliction DOT tk
[7] pics of yourself if you wish: pic of me

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[29 Dec 2004|08:58pm]

(!Wait For The Breakdown!)

[23 Oct 2004|12:38pm]

[ mood | bored ]

everyone promote!!!

okay so now we have a new layout and such, i started a pit-crew with mike Moran...still need a name and shit, the dress is any color bandana you want with the same color shirt (button down long sleeve) underneath a bandtee

if ur froim the Long Island Are and want to join and want more info on it IM me at X13 ghstchant

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[19 Oct 2004|09:27pm]

[1] you are? Richard Seven
[2] your stomping grounds? Los Angeles
[3] are you in a band / play an instrument? No but I play guitar
[4] your musical influences include? So many...Lamb of god, unearth, remembering never, perfect murder, mudvayne, as i lay dying, slayer, the black dahlia murder, throwdown, etc...
[5] your favorite type of pit is? any kind except I don't like skanking
[6] your website is? none

I don't like pics! But my icon is right there so yeah

(!Wait For The Breakdown!)

[19 Oct 2004|09:22pm]

The Unearth/Remembering Never show was fucking badass! They played so good. So did the Black Dahlia Murder. I met so many people that night. Good shit! I'll post pics!


I'll fill out the thingy right now. I just didn't want to...yeah

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